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About I-TECH's Everyday Leadership Project

The I-TECH Everyday Leadership Project is an umbrella initiative that supports the development of strong public health leaders and managers throughout the world. Historically part of I-TECH's Leadership and Management Initiative (LMI), Everyday Leadership furthers the ability of I-TECH to realize its mission, live its principles, and achieve its strategic objectives while supporting the I-TECH network and external partners in achieving broader health objectives. The project addresses a very real need for increased capacity in health leadership and management. This initiative is built upon the premise that good leadership and management skills can be learned and must be taught alongside required technical competencies as essential elements of a strong health system. I-TECH’s approach to leadership, management, and supervision skill-building is shared throughout its network and with its partners in a variety of ways. In every case, Everyday Leadership activities are tailored to the setting, and teaching methods include e-learning technology, skill assessments, workshops, case studies, curriculum enhancements, media, and supervised action plans. The Everyday Leadership Project objectives include:

  1. Working with external partners to strengthen and integrate leadership and management skills into existing systems;
  2. Deepening expert technical capacity in global health leadership and management within the I-TECH network; and
  3. Supporting the development of accredited offerings in global health leadership and management at the University of Washington.

For more information about the history of Everyday Leadership and LMI, download the LMI Strategy Paper. I-TECH relies on a wide variety of resources for its leadership and management content. The primary sources are included in the LMI Bibliography.