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Araya Workneh

Araya Workneh is currently the office manager with the Tigray office of the International Training and Education Center for Health Ethiopia. Mr. Workneh, a chemical engineer by training, holds a master of science from the Lomonosov State Academy of Fine Chemical Technology, Moscow, Russia. He is also a prize-winning writer in Ethiopia. Prior to working at I-TECH, Mr. Workneh was a division head of research and development at the Addis Pharmaceutical Factory. From 1985 to 1991, he was the director of a Revolutionary School during the Ethiopian Civil War. From 1977 to 1982, Mr. Workneh was a senior technician in a medical laboratory. Mr. Workneh holds diplomas in medicine/nursing, medical laboratory, and industrial chemistry; a certificate in management from the Ethiopian International Institute for Peace and Development; and certificates in basic computer and high-performance liquid chromatography and photometer from Sheba College and Addis Ababa University, respectively.

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