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Ndwapi Ndwapi

Ndwapi Ndwapi, MD, is currently the manager of the Ministerial Strategy Office of the Ministry of Health, Botswana. The Ministerial Strategy Office has overall responsibility for Ministry strategy in the key areas of project management, coordination of donor funding, performance improvement, outsourcing, and public-private partnerships. Until recently Dr. Ndwapi was the director of clinical services, a position that gave him the responsibility of overseeing all of Botswana’s 26 public hospitals and more than 500 freestanding public outpatient clinics. He has extensive experience in the treatment of HIV disease in the public sector, having been one of the co-founders of the first public antiretroviral (ARV) clinic in Botswana. He previously held the position of operations manager for the Botswana National ARV Program. He is a current member of the HIV/AIDS National Clinical Advisory Committee of the Botswana Ministry of Health. He has previously served in a clinical advisory role in ARV therapy for the Nelson Mandela Foundation. Dr. Ndwapi received his doctor of medicine from the University of Pennsylvania, in the United States.

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