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Training modules tagged with Communication

  • This 2-hour, print-based module was developed to train middle- and senior-level global health managers to communicate more effectively. Participants will learn about barriers to communication and how to overcome them, as well as the importance of communication in good leadership.

  • This 2-hour 45-minute module describes interpersonal communication, its role in strong leadership, different styles of communication, and barriers that can sometimes inhibit good communication in the workplace.

  • This 2-hour 15-minute module is about how to use language to effectively communicate with others—not just getting a message across, but doing so in a way that resonates with the listener. This is particularly important when the speaker is trying to influence the listener, which often is the case in leadership dynamics. Participants will also learn how to use persuasive communication in giving presentations.

  • In this 1-hour 15-minute module, participants will learn how to move from anxiety to confidence in their public speaking, as well as 10 tips to help make their presentations engaging.

  • This 2-hour module introduces the idea of storytelling as a leadership tool, helping people to find meaning in their work. It describes how storytelling affects personal values/workplace culture, and how to use it effectively in the work that organizations do, particularly with powerful visual aids. Participants will learn how to frame information—both words and pictures—to tell a story for maximum effect.

  • In this 3-hour 30-minute module, participants will learn about and have the opportunity to practice public speaking and giving feedback—two skills that are invaluable to leaders and managers.