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Financial Management

Training modules tagged with Financial Management

  • This 2-hour 25-minute module covers how to create annual procurement plans and contracts for goods, works, and consultancy and non-consultancy services. It also details procurement auditing and obligations of each party, as well as troubleshoots contract management.

  • This 2-hour 50-minute module provides an overview of auditing—why it is needed, types of audits, internal and external audits, and the roles and functions of internal auditors (specific to the ZHRCs and HTIs). Participants will also learn about internal controls, and asset and stores management.

  • This 3-hour 30-minute module covers the basics of budgeting and financial planning and management. It also teaches good practices for budgeting and preparing financial reports.

  • This 1-hour 10-minute module covers how to have productive relationships with partner funders. This includes recommended practices for receiving funding and reporting to funders. Also discussed are I-TECH’s policies around receiving funds and per diem funds.

  • These two modules—the introduction and overview (50 minutes and 2 hours 30 minutes, respectively)—were developed to build the financial management capacities of Tanzanian Zonal Health Resource Center (ZHRC) coordinators, Health Training Institution (HTI) principals, and ZHRC/HTI management teams. Participants will learn about the principles of financial management, and how they apply in the workplace and contribute to making an organization strong.

  • This 3-hour 5-minute module details internal financial management systems, including internal controls and risks, the need for separation of duties, the importance of reconciliation of records, and the challenges that lie therein.

  • This 2-hour 35-minute module covers procurement methods, how to choose one, and the various restrictions therein. It also explains the tendering process from document preparation through contract award. Participants will get a chance to practice the processes with several worksheet exercises.

  • This 1-hour 50-minute module goes over regulations (Tanzania-specific) and good practices for the management (receipt, accounting, issuance, and inspection) of goods and supplies purchased by organizations.

  • This 1-hour 35-minute module describes procurement, its types and principles, the process as it applies to procurement entities, and the legal framework and regulatory bodies related to the public sector (Tanzania-specific).