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Introduction to Leadership and Management

Training modules tagged with Introduction to Leadership and Management

  • This 2-hour 35-minute module describes the difference between leadership and management and details activities germane to each. Participants are also led through self-assessments and other group activities designed to get them to think deeply about leadership styles, particularly their own.

  • This 1-hour module describes leadership, management and the difference between the two, as well as a framework for doing both effectively. Also included is a list of resources identified as most useful by I-TECH’s Leadership and Management Initiative.

  • This 1-hour 45-minute module introduces Stephen Covey’s The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People and its sequel, The 8th Habit. It also covers “Habit 1,” which is about being productive and proactive; also discussed are circles of influence and concern, and “emotional bank accounts.” Participants complete self-assessment exercises and plans related to Covey’s “Habits.”

  • This 1-hour 45-minute module introduces the first workshop, provides an overview of what to expect in the Leaders in Health Namibia Series, and begins to describe the concept of leadership. This 1-hour session introduces the second workshop (labeled as ‘June’) of the Leaders in Health Namibia Series.

  • The Leaders in Health-Namibia (LIH) e-learning modules were developed for the Namibian Ministry of Health and Social Services (MOHSS) as part of an innovative course developed in collaboration with I-TECH for their employees nationwide.  LIH is a blended learning course that combines face-to-face training with self-paced online learning modules that minimize time away from the work site.  Participants attend an initial three day session led by MOHSS senior managers in Phase 1; take the modules and check in with their mentors through the nation-wide digital video conferencing system in Phase 2; and meet in person again for Phase 3 and graduation.  The MOHSS goal for this course is to train at least 350 employees by April 2014 with 70 hours of skill building on key management and leadership topics, including ethics, policy and advocacy, communication, human resource management, team building, and health service systems thinking.