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Highly Functioning Teams

These materials describe the characteristics of an effective team and explore ways to overcome common challenges within teams.

Training modules tagged with Highly Functioning Teams

  • In this 3-hour module, participants will learn about what it means to be an effective team—what are its characteristics and why they are important—as well as strategies for building strong teams and avoiding common threats to team unity. They will also learn about how to hold good, productive meetings—an invaluable skill for leaders to have.

  • This 1-hour module covers “Habit 6” of Stephen Covey’s The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, which is about synergy. Participants will learn about how this concept applies in the workplace and how to foster it.

  • Learn to “Invite the Stranger” and “Learn in Public”—the core concepts of Gracious Space—through this engaging, interactive, and easy-to-follow approach.