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Work Climate

These materials identify ways to improve the environment in which employees work in order to positively impact performance and retention.

Training modules tagged with Work Climate

  • This 2-hour module describes how workplace culture can impact staff performance and retention. Participants will learn about how to create a positive work environment, including identifying at least two ways to improve things. They will also brainstorm non-financial incentives that could potentially be integrated into their organizations.

  • This 1-hour 15-minute module covers “Habit 7” of Stephen Covey’s The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, which is about “sharpening the saw”—a metaphor for taking care of oneself. Participants will learn about how work-life balance and self-renewal make for better workers and help them avoid burnout.

  • Learn to “Invite the Stranger” and “Learn in Public”—the core concepts of Gracious Space—through this engaging, interactive, and easy-to-follow approach.